Reading Level

Japanese Please was created to make Japanese manga (and other Japanese pop culture products) available to all readers around the world. Since the majority of Japanese manga readers outside of Japan are not native speakers, and study Japanese as a foreign language, we do our best to evaluate the reading level for each manga title on our website.

Since Japanese citizens are the intended audience for Japanese manga, it can be fairly difficult to rank each title’s reading level for non-native speakers, as the way you’ll learn Japanese outside of Japan isn’t the same way students in Japan are taught. Therefore, the JLPT is not a sufficient ranking system for manga reading level.

Manga Reading Level

We rank Japanese manga as either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. We also provide a sample page for each title to give you a light idea of how pages will read, as well as specify whether furigana is included or not.

Manga ranked as Beginner contains very basic Japanese sentences, kanji, and vocabulary, and can easily be read and understood by children in Japan. These titles will present Japanese conversation in it’s simplest and most basic form, and therefore the most easily accessible to beginners. Slice-of-Life manga is a common setting for Beginner manga.

Manga ranked as Intermediate will carry with it a greater amount vocabulary, grammar structures, and have a noteable amount of complex kanji characters. Fantasy and Adventure manga typically fall into the Intermediate reading level.

Manga ranked as Advanced will include kanji-heavy dialogue and require a high level of Japanese vocabulary and complex understanding of various grammatical structures. These types of manga are written for adults and young adults, and often do not include furigana. Science Fiction manga usually falls into the Advanced reading level.

Questions or Recommendations?

With thousands of titles of manga found all throughout Japan, we do out best to rank each and every one of them. If you believe the reading level for a particular manga title has been misrepresented, please contact us and we will review and update our database if necessary.