Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Vol. 8


In 1883, Himura Kenshin, having married Kamiya Kaoru, become a father to Himura Kenji and with his body deteriorating, still fights for those in need. Former criminals Inoue Aran and Hasegawa Ashitaro, the latter a former member of Shishio Makoto’s faction, have become live-in students at the Kamiya Dojo in Tokyo.

Kubota Asahi, a member of the Yaminobu, also starts living at the dojo. The Yaminobu accidentally leave behind a recent photograph taken in Hokkaido of Kaoru’s father Kamiya Koshijiro, who was thought to have died in the Seinan War.

After being given back his sakabato or reversed-edge sword, Kenshin, his family and the new residents of Kamiya Dojo head to Hokkaido to find Koshijiro.

Reading Level: Advanced

Furigana: Yes