Moving in Japan: Changing Driver’s License Info

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This article is part of the Moving in Japan series of posts. You can check out our guide to get help changing your address and updating your residence card. Also make sure to check out our step by step walk-through of how to set up your mail forwarding address online with Japan Post. This post will help those who have moved and will be changing driver’s license info in Japan. An international driver’s permit does not require any updates from the time of issue to the time of expiry.

What You’ll Need

  • Notice of Change to Item’s Listed on Driver’s License (運転免許証記載事項変更届 Unten Menkyo Sho Kisai Jikou Henkou Todoke)
  • Driver’s License (運転免許 Unten Menkyo)
  • Residence Card (在留カード Zairyu Card) or some other proof, such as your insurance card (保険カード Hoken Card)

Changing Your Driver’s License Info

Before you have the info on your Japanese driver’s license changed, you’ll first need to present make sure your residence card already reflects those changes. That means if you just moved, you better make sure your residence card has your new address on it. After you’ve confirmed the above, you can head over to either your local police station (警察署 keisatsu sho) or driver’s license center (運転免許センター Unten Menkyo Center).

When you arrive, you can ask for the application, AKA the Notice of Change to Item’s Listed on Driver’s License (運転免許証記載事項変更届 Unten Menkyo Sho Kisai Jikou Henkou Todoke). Fill out the application and make sure it matches your current information that is reflected on your residence card. The application will not be processed if there are any discrepancies.

Here is an example of the Notice of Change to Item’s Listed on Driver’s License.

Get Your New Driver’s License

When the application is complete, submit it together with your old driver’s license and residence card or other proof of change. Note that if you have someone applying for you on your behalf, you may need to provide proof of their relationship to you. If you followed everything through, you’ll notice that changing driver’s license info in Japan is a very simple process.

Anyway, once your application is processed, you will be handed back your residence card together with your new driver’s license. The new license will reflect the new changes you applied for in the application. All done!

For further examples relating to driving in Japan, click here to check out some tips from the Chiba Police website.

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