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How to Become an Actor in Japan

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You’ve finally made that trip to Japan and you’ve got those stars in your eyes. If you hadn’t noticed, you might not be the only one. Being a foreigner in Japan, especially in the rural areas, you may start to experience the Hollywood effect. When you suddenly feel like a big deal because you look […]

10 Jobs in Japan (Besides Teaching English)

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Are you thinking about working in Japan, but the idea of being locked inside a room full of children makes you cringe? Well, you’re probably not the only one. Teaching in Japan certainly isn’t for everyone, and while it can certainly be a way to get your foot in the door at some companies (especially […]

Should You Teach English in Japan?

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It’s a question that has likely burned in the back of your mind at some point. That goes double if you grew up consuming Japanese media and pop culture, and maybe triple if you already know someone in Japan right now. You can only watch so many YouTube videos before you tell yourself, okay, I […]