We are actively recruiting artists, animators, storytellers, and others, to produce original anime, featuring diverse casts of characters. Roughly half the characters will speak Japanese, while the other half will speak English and/or another language. While this anime can be educational, in the sense that it will expose you to multiple languages and cultures, it will be produced purely for entertainment.

We will be working together with both English and Japanese voice actors, who will be starring together in every episode. Common themes in our anime will include diversity, curiosity, and inclusion of foreign people and cultures. Throughout the story, the protagonist and group of characters will be exposed to new language and culture, and thereby, so will the viewer.

Some characters will be bilingual, some will improve their foreign language ability as the story progress, while others may stay hopelessly monolingual. Whether you watch our anime for entertainment or education, we hope this is a concept you will grow to love.

Before we can start pitching our project for funding, we invite you to join us and help put together a trailer to give viewers a better understanding of our dream project. We warmly welcome any questions or suggestions, and look forward to you joining the Anime Please project.