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Japanese Please was made by and for fans of Japanese pop culture. Growing up outside of Japan, studying Japanese, and sharing a love for manga, we set out to make all manga in Japan easily accessible to the rest of the world.

Our website not only functions as a shop for importing manga from Japan, but also as a database to provide you with helpful information for each manga title you’re looking for. If you can’t find a specific title, let us know and we will do our best to upload it within 48 hours.

In addition to standard functions, such as linking all manga under their imprints and authors, we also include each manga’s reading level, whether furigana is available, and sample pages, so you can gauge the kanji and vocab difficulty based on your reading comprehension.

Common Questions


All of our manga, light novels, magazines, etc. are all in JAPANESE ONLY. As of right now, we do NOT carry any English manga or books. Bilingual manga, when available, will be labeled appropriately.

Your Order:

Orders are usually processed within 2 business days, though backorders can take longer. Any orders placed on the weekend or during a Japanese national holiday will be processed the following business day. You will be refunded in full for any titles found to be unavailable.


Due to constant shifting stock, we cannot confirm each title’s availability until after you place your order. Should a title you order not be available, you will have the option of receiving a full refund or allowing us to place the manga on backorder for you. Manga placed on backorder will take a few extra days to process before we can it ship to you.

  • Backorders for “New” manga/books, especially recent titles, usually take 2~3 additional business days, while older titles can take 6~12 business days. Once a manga series has finished its run, backorder may no longer be possible.
  • Backorders for “Preowned” manga/books usually take approximately 3 additional business days. Due to the rarity and popularity of certain manga/books, backorders for “Preowned” manga may not always be possible.


All preorders ship out on their respective dates of release. Any items purchased together with a preorder will be held and shipped out together with the preordered item on its date of release. If multiple preorders are purchased together, all items will be shipped out on the furthest release date among those preorders. In the event your preorder is unavailable, you will have the option receiving a full refund or waiting for a backorder shipment.

Product Condition:

  • For NEW manga, this of course means brand-new and never-read-before. Most titles are typically factory-sealed, preshrink-wrapped by the manufacturer, and always include their obi. This of course can vary by title and manufacturer. Other types of books, such as light novels, magazines, and art books, are usually not preshrink-wrapped, but again, vary by product.
  • For PREOWNED manga/books, most titles are typically in very good or like-new condition. Since page color can vary by age, please refer to the manga’s original release date specified in the product description. Notably older titles may have slight yellowing on pages or slight cosmetic flaws. We will always send you the best condition available


We offer a 30-day return policy on all titles. Products must be returned unused and in their original unopened packaging. We welcome any and all questions.


We are partnered with both Yamato Transport and Japan Post. Yamato International TA-Q-BIN typically takes between 4 ~ 8 business days. Japan Post shipping options include EMS (2 ~ 4 business days), airmail (3 ~ 6 business days), ePacket (3 ~ 6 business days), and SAL (6 ~ 13 business days), and Printed Matter (6 ~ 13 business days; no tracking). Due to COVID-19, select shipping options may not be available in your area.

COVID-19 Pandemic:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan Post’s available shipping methods vary by country. For those residing in heavily affected areas, we also offer Yamato Transport as an alternative shipping method. Regardless of carrier, shipping delays due to the pandemic are possible, as it has impacted all postal services worldwide.

Japan Post Update:

We’re working together with Japan Post to offer you more affordable shipping options. Japan Post currently offers ePacket and Printed Matter shipping options available in select countries. Their list of applicable countries is updated on a daily basis. If you believe your country is eligible for Japan Post shipping, but experience an error at checkout, then please contact us so we can resolve the issue immediately.